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Film and contain more than a 1000 of the best international blogs with respect to Movie and Film Festivals. – Top Recommendations

Useful bibliography for Screenwriting! Screenwriter Survival Tips

50 60! Screenwriter Survival Tips - London Screenwriters’ Festival

http://www.scenaristes.orgFederation of Scriptwriters in Europe

The official site of the Federation of Scriptwriters in Europe. The site contains links to all european federations of scriptwriters.

http://www.gfc.grGreek Film Center

The official site of the Greek Film Center. The organization's basic goals are the protection, support and development of the art of film in Greece.

http://www.filmfestival.grThessaloniki International Film Festival

The official site of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

http://www.mediadeskhellas.euMedia Desk Hellas

The official site of the MEDIA Programme office in Greece. Directors Guild

The Greek Directors Guild (founded in 1973) consists of an artistic and professional union of film, stage and television directors. Its aims are: to unite all those who are professionally engaged in film directing, to protect directors' intellectual and creative copyrights and to define the terms and conditions for the production and distribution of their intellectual work. Society of Authors of Dramatic and Audio Visual Works ATHINA

ATHINA was established to protect the intellectual property rights of the Greek Authors of audiovisual works and to promote their work widely as possible in Greece and abroad. Member of SAA and CISAC.

http://www.efp-online.comEuropean Film Promotion - European Film Database

EFP is the only existing network of organisations active in the field of promotion and marketing of European cinema. EFP’s new service tool offers the most important information about European films free of charge to users. The aim is to concentrate on all European films from the production year 2003 onwards. The database lays no claim to comprehensiveness, but will be constantly augmented and actualized.

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