Andreas Thomopoulos

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Andreas Thomopoulos

Born in Athens 1945.
He studied Theatre at the London School Of Dramatic Art (1963-66) and Cinema at the International Film School - London (1966-68). Back in Athens since 1974, he writes, translates and directs for cinema, theatre and TV.

Founding member of the Scriptwriters’ Guild of Greece he served as a member of the Disciplinary Council.



Love me do, feature film, co-writer (in collaboration with Nikos Apeiranthitis) and director, 2003
Dharma Blues (Tomorrow we’ll know), feature film, writer and director, 1997
South wind – Ostria, feature film, writer and director, 1986
Smiling afternoon, co-writer (in collaboration with Freddy Germanos) and director, 1980
Irreconcilable (Easy Road), feature film, writer and director, 1979
Aldebaran, feature film, writer and director, 1976

Pirates, short, writer and director, 1971
On your own, short, writer and director, 1970
It's alright ma - I'm only bleeding, short, writer and director, 1969


An Amateur Man, series, writer and director, 20 episodes based on Bambis Tsikliropoulos novel, ALPHA TV, 1999
We Children Want Peace, writer and director, a war documentary shot in Sarajevo, Prijador and Banjalu­ka of Bosnia, for MDM-Greece Organization, 1993
Hotel Amore, series, writer and director, 13 episodes, MEGA CHANNEL, 1989-90
The Rocks, writer and director, a French-Spanish-Greek teleplay co-production, 1987
Mikres Angelies, writer and director, 8 teleplays, ET2, 1985-6
Beatles For Ever, writer and director, 3 episodes, ET1, 1983
Greetings, writer and director, fiction/documentary on Mikis Theodorakis, with M.T. acting and conduct­ing in it, ET1 1981
Travelling Music, writer and director, 17 episodes, ET1, 1979-81


Socrates, Wind And Fire, Mu-Re-The Kavalas 2001, Laiki Athinaiki Skini 2003, Mu-Re-The Kerkiras 2005
Outsiders, 1999
Greek Ministry if Culture Award, 1999
Masculine–Feminine, Greek National Theatre 1992, Theatriki Skini 1997, Theatro Scala, Cyprus 1998
Greek Ministry of Culture Award 1990
The Children Of Cain, Greek National Theatre, 1984
Greek Ministry of Culture Award, 1984
Nassos, Stoa Theatre 1981, Theatro Technis, Cyprus 1985, Vilka Theatre, Thessaloniki 1994


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