Maria Athini

Maria Athini

Journalist, writer and lyricist, born in Athens, Greece. Maria is living in London since 2013 where she works in local government Communications. She has followed two parallel career paths throughout her professional life. As a journalist, Maria is a columnist, features editor and editor of magazines. As a screenwriter she has worked for all Greek TV networks in both fiction and non-fiction productions. Several of her theatre plays have been brought on stage, including most recently her libretto for the opera “Eleni” (2016-7) based on the play by Euripides and a musical, “Liberaj” (2019).

As a lyricist, Maria has been awarded Commended Entry certificates for her songs Life after Money and The Cocktail Song in the UK Songwriting Contest 2017 and 2018 respectively. Two of her songs have recently been released by Records on Top.

She is a member of the board of trustees of the British theatre group Actors of Dionysus; member of the Greek Screenwriters Guild; the National Union of Journalists; and the International Federation of Journalists.

Eleni-the libretto has been published by the Greek Screenwriters Publications.


Selected Plays



“Little Indian” (Mikros Indianos, short film directed by Stavros Stagos. Received awards at the Drama International Festival 2001; Clermont Ferrand Festival 2002).




“Like a Dream” (San Oneiro) 22 episodes, directed by Stefanos Blatsos. Alpha TV 2005-6

“The Last Performance” (Teleytaia Parastasi) 22 episodes co-written with Vassilis Spiliopoulos, directed by Reina Eskenazy. Alpha 2006-7



“Tomorrow’s journey” (Taxideyontas me to avrio). ΕRΤ 2001-2003

“Knock on Wood” (Xtypa Ksylo), 11 episodes on childrens safety. SKAI 2013



Beauty Cats, series in short episodes, directed by Costas Voridis. MEGA, SKAI, ANT1 1995-2001



Romeo and Juliet in rock! (book and lyrics) Original music by Antonis Karatzikis, directed by Christina Golia, touring across Greece (2014-15)

Memories from Albert Camus (play) Directed by Stavros Stagos, Katakouzenos Museum (2016)

Eleni – For Love and Peace (libretto) Music by Antonis Karatzikis, directed by Zoe Papadopoulou, conductor Phedra Giannelou (2015-16)

Liberaj-The Musical (book and lyrics) Music by Antonis Karatzikis, directed by Roubini Moschochoriti (2019)

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