Alexandra Belegrati

Alexandra Belegrati

ALEXANDRA BELEGRATI is a Greek writer, scriptwriter, playwright/producer and the author of two novels “THAT’S THE WAY IT HAD TO BE” (Iason Books, 2011) & “THE BOX WITH THE FLOWERED JEWELRY” (Pigi Publications, 2013).

She has worked in Greek TV as a Scriptwriter, Chief Editor and also as Script Advisor for English scripts. She is the writer of the feature script ‘YOU ARE MY ONLY SUNSHINE/THAT’S WHY GOD CREATED WOMEN’ which was shortlisted for an award at the London Greek Film Festival (2010).  It received two awards at the Angel Film Awards, Monaco 2012 "Best Special Mention Screenplay" and "Best Family Drama Screenplay" and it participated at Carmel Art & Film Festival, Carmel 2012.

She was Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oklahoma.





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