Sotiris Petridis

Sotiris Petridis

Sotiris Petridis is an Adjunct Professor and a Postdoctoral Researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, while he is a screenwriter and a film producer. He holds a Master’s degree in Film Studies from Aristotle University, a Master of Arts in Art, Law and Economy majoring in film rights from International Hellenic University, and a Ph.D. in Film Studies from Aristotle University. He has international academic publications, both in film and television studies. At the same time, he is writing and producing films that have been screened and awarded at international festivals around the world. He is a member of both European Film Academy and Hellenic Film Academy. Finally, he teaches Screenwriting and Film Theory at the Aristotle University, as well as at various private schools in Thessaloniki.



Feature Films

Scopophilia (2018) – Screenwriter and Producer
• Staring Konstantinos Liaros, Joyce Evidi, Ilektra Kartanou, and Nikias Fontaras.
• Premiere at 59th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece – Special Youth Jury Award
• 07 February, 2018: Greek Theatrical Release.


Short Films

Re-Live (2019) – Screenwriter, Director and Producer
• Staring Anastasis Roilos and Marianna Pouregka.
• In post-production.

Met@slash (2018) – Screenwriter, Director and Producer
• Staring Nathan Baesel and Apostolis Kolitsas.
• 11 Official Selections in 4 countries.

9023 (2017) – Screenwriter, Director and Executive Producer
• Staring Alexandros Koch, Nikos Kolovos, Anastasis Roilos, and Eleni Thimiopoulou.
• 45 Official Selections in 20 countries.
• Screening at Comic-Con International 2018.
• Three International Awards.

Emoticon Man (2017) – Screenwriter and Producer
• Staring Christos Goutsidis and Eleni Thimiopoulou.
• 10 Official Selections in 5 countries.
• One International Award.

#NotAlone (2017) – Screenwriter, Director and Producer
• Staring Vicky Maidanoglou.
• 32 Official Selections in 10 countries.
• Screening at Comic-Con International 2017.
• Two International Awards.


White Collar (2016) – Screenwriter and Producer
• Staring Anastasis Roilos, Kiriakos Daniilidis, Ioanna Lamni and Tasos Mparnias.
• 50 Official Selections in 18 countries.
• Screenplay Award at Artfools Film Festival, Greece.
• Five International Awards.

e-Social (2015) – Screenwriter and Producer
• Staring Matina Koulourioti, Christos Papadimitriou and Joyce Evidi.
• 45 Official Selections in 16 countries.
• Best Original Screenplay Award at Festicini - Festival Internacional de Cinema Independente, Brazil.
• Six International Awards.

The Balloon (2013) – Screenwriter and Executive Producer
• Staring Joyce Evidi.
• 20 Official Selections in 8 countries.
• Two International Awards.


Audiovisual Advertising

Passing the Knowledge Baton (2017) – Screenwriter, Director and Producer
• This short film is the official spot of Aristotle University, Greece.
Magic in Education (2017) – Screenwriter and Producer
• A celebratory short film for the 90 years of Aristotle University, in which a student finds the magical side of education.
• Airing in several TV stations of Thessaloniki.




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• Columnist at Huffington Post and Exostis Free Press.


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