Yannis Xanthopoulos

Yannis Xanthopoulos

Born in Athens, 1958.
Studied Physics at Athens University (1976-81) and then Cinema Directing (1982-85). His short film The dog was selected to represent Greece during the 1996 International Festival in Villerban France, celebrating the Centenary of the Cinema invention by the Lumiere Brothers.

Member of the Disciplinary Council of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece since 2007.



Five more minutes, feature film written and directed by himself, 2006
Borderline, feature film directed by Panayotis Karkanevatos, co-writer, 1994
Kavafis, feature film directed by Yannis Smaragdis, co-writer, 1994
Eye-witness, feature film directed by Markos Marko Cholevas, co-writer, 1993

The dog, short, 22min, 35mm, script and direction, 1993
ARTE Prize in International Short Film Festival in Brest, 1993
Moving out, short, 18min, 16mm, script and direction, 1985
Maquiflage, short, 10min, super8, script and direction, 1982
First Prize in Amateur Greek Festival, 1982
Forbidden, short, 12min, 16mm, script and direction, 1980


The Voice, adaptation from the best selling book The Voice by Christos Chomenides, 18 episodes directed by G. Oikonomou, National Greek Television 1 (ET1), 2000-01
Wife with a salary, comedy series, script and direction, National Greek Television 1 (ET1), 1989-90

Three episodes of a TV thriller series, 1990

In progress



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