Rena Ringa

Rena Ringa

She was born in Thessaloniki in springtime…
She graduated from Anatolia College and decided to become a lawyer, so she went to the Law School of Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki. After graduating she got her Master degree from Surrey University in Guildford UK.
Then she thought she likes better writing stories, instead of visiting a shrink. Her psychoanalyzing plan cost to the audience the following.



Que sera sera, comedy series directed by Yannis Vouros, ANTENNA, 2005-06
Confusion (Mperdemata), comedy series directed by Akis Stamatiadis, ALPHA TV, 2005-06
As prossehes, comedy series, 19 episodes, directed by Kostas Lychnaras, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 2004
As a dog chasing cat, comedy series, 21 episodes, directed by Kostas Spyropoulos, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 2003-04
When the parents sin, comedy series, 29 episodes, directed by Sissy Smiriliou, MEGA, 2003-04
Strictly familial, comedy series, 14 episodes, directed by Andreas Morfonios, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 2002-03
Strictly familial, comedy series, 34 episodes, directed by Andreas Morfonios, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 2001-02
Perfume of a lady, series, 27 episodes, directed by Antonis Tempos, STAR, 2000-01
Tango for three, comedy series, 35 episodes, directed by Grigoris Petriniotis, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 1999-2000
A nanny for all the family, comedy series, 35 episodes, directed by Errikos Andreou, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 1998-99
Crash, series, 37 episodes, directed by Foteini Kotrotsi, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 1997-98
Shampoo, comedy series, 23 episodes, directed by Andreas Morfonios, ANTΕΝΝΑ, 1995-96
The rich ones, comedy series, 42 episodes, directed by Kostas Voutsas, ERT1, 1993-94

You wanna bet? teleplay (produced by N. Tzimas), 1990
To the end of the road, teleplay (produced by N. Tzimas), 1990
A cheap diamond, teleplay (produced by Master AE), 1990
A decent husband, teleplay (produced by Hi Tech AEBE), 1989
Our love, teleplay, (produced by N. Tzimas), 1989
Reportage, teleplay (produced by G. Karayiannis), 1988

Lefkada, documentary (produced by Hotel Owners Union of Lefkada Island, Greece), 1989
Aidepsos, documentary (produced by G. Aspioti), 1987



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