Thanassis Skroumbelos

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Thanassis Skroumbelos

Born in Athens, he studied film at the London Film School. Since 1976 when he returned to Greece he has been working uninterruptedly in films and television. His work in television includes writing and directing over fifty shows and serials for both public and private networks. He has written scripts for documentaries and feature films.
He has also worked as a journalist for leading Athens dailies. He has had several collections of his short stories published as well as a novel. His anti-dictatorship posters which he created during the junta have also been published.

He is a founding member of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece.



@THENΣ Blogs, feature film, co-scriptwriter and co-director in collaboration with Dimitra Karvela, Yorgos Karipidis, Alexandros Papailiou, Lena Voudouri, 2007
The crossing, (co-scriptwriter) feature film directed by Dimitris Stavrakas, 2006 
Aliosha, feature film, script and direction, 1999
Hawaii, feature film, script and direction, 1995
Ariadne lives in Leros, (script) feature film directed by Thanassis Rakintzis, 1993
The yard with the rubbish, feature film, script and direction, in collaboration with Menios Ditsas and Kostas Zirinis, 1993
Johnny Keln, Madam, feature film, script and direction, 1991
Happy homecoming, comrade, (co-scriptwriter) feature film directed by Lefteris Xanthopoulos, 1986

New Parthenon, historical full length documentary, co-direction as a member of the "group of four" (with Yorgos Chrissovitsanos, Kostas Chronopoulos and Spiros Zachos), 1975


New book by Thanassis Skroumpelos: Script, from theory to action
Presentation of J. Korinis' book [3/7/14]


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