Christos Karakassis

Christos Karakassis

As a Director-Producer he is active since 1992. His films have been screened in Greece and abroad and have been awarded in international film festivals. He is a member of the “Greek Directors' Guild” and also a member of the “Film Directors-Producers’ Guild” of Greece. He is a Founding Member of the Greek Documentary Network.

He is the Artistic Director of “ATHENS INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL FILM FESTIVAL” (, which achieved alignment of the cinema reality in Greece with the major international developments in the Cinema era, which is steadily moving towards the Digital Age.

He is the Artistic Director of the “INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AND ECOLOGICAL PANORAMA”, which contributes to the dissemination of science through the power of new media and digital technologies currently used by scientists around the world.



Department of Informatics
Programming / Computer Information Systems, Music theory
Film Direction, Cinema School Chatzikou
Faculty of Humanities
Theater and Acting, Chatzikou Drama School (1994-1996)

Seminars - Training:

Programme MEDIA 1
(sociology of communication)
"Ancient and Modern Philosophy",
"Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art"
"Metaphysics and Criticism"
(teachers Grigorios Fil. Kostaras, Nikolaos Chronis
and Michael Dimitrakopoulos)

Architecture with George Lavas
Literature and language with Minos Kokolakis
Psychology with John Markantonis
Art History with Nicholaos Zia

Acting (Theatre-Cinema)
Theatre-Acting, Theatre School Chatzikou
Seminars on Theatre Directing
Film and Technology
Photography b/w
Digital Arts (Video Art)
Image/ Audio Processing
Editing (non linear editing)


Producer, Script Writer, Director, Writer, Film Professor

1996-1999 Cinema School Eugenia Chatzikou
2000-2006 Teaches seminars in various schools.
2008-2014 Film Professor at the Artistic School of Gerakas
2008-2011 In cooperation with the MEO Club in New Psihico (Athens) he creates a
Film and Theatre Workshop and also a Voice workshop (3months courses)
2009-2014 Arts’ School LA.Theater



He publishes articles and studies at 

• KOYINTA Arts and Culture Magazine
• Technofono Arts and Culture Magazine
• Other publications

2014, Publishes the book "Introduction to Film", p. 300, an approach both for film scholars and all those who want to learn about cinema starting from scratch. The book is aimed at aspiring filmmakers, but also to all those who want to experience in a direct and concise way the art and technique of cinema.


He is the Founder of KOYINTA (, which is mainly interested in providing cultural services in the field of audiovisual production and supporting the general cultural upgrading of Greek reality. KOYINTA’s purpose is to promote art and culture and therefore to preserve and promote the local and regional cultural identity and diversity while developing cultural dialogue between international organizations. Audiovisual and cinematographic works can play an important role in forming Greek and wider European identity, while, in parallel with their artistic value, they can contribute to the development of European social values and the functioning of democratic societies.

In 2006 he founded the Culture Web Portal KOYINTA Art eMagazine (, where he has the general direction. KOYINTA Art eMagazine ’s main interest it to promote every form of art and create a database of artists and art spaces throughout Greece. It has already recorded several thousand subjects, while being one of the longest standing online art portals with high traffic, according to international standards. During the last years International cultural subjects are also covered and artists from different countries are presented by Koyinta Art Magazine. Its people are constantly in contact with all active art groups and art spaces observing and recording their work.

In 2008 he founded the web Portal-media “Filmmaker” (”), which aspires to become the link between art and technology, but also a bridge between artists. It’s a Media Portal with IPTV digital cinema D-CINEMA for all filmmakers and production companies- plus Video On Demand 2010 in full operation.
Selected Educational participations and awards

• Participation in the conference: "Art Schools: Luxury or Necessity?" Sunday, May 9, 2010
• Participation with films created by children in the Festival “Say it with pictures” (year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), organized by Secondary Education of Eastern Attica
• Participation in the Festival “Camera Zizanio” (year 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014). Camera Zizanio Festival takes place alongside the Olympia’s International Film Festival for Children and Young People
• Participation in the 2nd Workshop: “With a camera in hand”, (15-16 October 2010) in Thessaloniki. Organized by the National Association of Educational Cultural Affairs (P.E.E.PO.THE.)
• Commendation for participation in the environmental educational program-ENVIRONMENTAL ART GAME FOR SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL 2009-2010.

• Honorary Diploma for the photography exhibition "Colors and Flavors before our eyes' held by the Artistic High School of Gerakas in collaboration with the Municipality of Pallini and the Welfare Corporation of the Municipality of Pallini 5/6/2012.
• Seminar "From paper to screen" a journey starting from the initial inspiration for a short film all the way to the screen and distribution of the final product. Organized by ARTFOOLS VIDEO FESTIVAL as part of the “Week of Young Cinema”. The seminar was held on 21 and 22 January 2012 at the French Institute of Larissa.

• Participation in the action "Tricks of Young Artists" organized by Gerakas Municipality, Municipal Development Company of Gerakas.
• Paper presented at the 2nd NATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR THE ARTS IN EDUCATION "With the pulse of a vibrant culture school" organized by the National Union of Educational Cultural Affairs from 1-3 June 2011.

• Participation in the scientific conference at the Artistic School of Gerakas on "Education in culture:" Adolescence - School -Family "

• Participation (2010-2011) in the educational cultural program “Children’s’ Faces are homelands.” The program has received recognition from the institution of the Ministry of Education "Excellence and Innovation in Education."

• Participation (2010-2011) in the environmental educational program "ART-ENVIRONMENTAL GAME FOR SUSTAINABLE SCHOOL" "The program has received recognition from the institution of the Ministry of Education "Excellence and Innovation in Education. "

• Participation (2010-2011) in the Career Counseling educational program titled "Operation of a virtual enterprise of informative – advisory character for education and employment in the field of culture (theater, cinema, visual arts, dance)." The program received a double award from the institution of the Ministry of Education "Excellence and innovation in Education."

• International award in St. Petersburg (Russia) for the Film "The Eurodragon eggs and the wine of solidarity”, the contest was sponsored by the pedagogical institute in Russia.
• 1st Prize for the Historical Documentary "Weimar Republic, or how fascism is born", which resulted from an interdisciplinary collaboration of General Education courses such as History and Cinema. The event was organized by the Post Graduate Program of the Ionian University "Historical Research, Teaching and New Technologies", by the Scientific Association "New Education" and by the TV channel ERT.
• Paper presented at the workshop "New Media Production" in the 3rd International Digital Film Festival of Athens 2013
• Jury member of the 13th Film Biennale of Young Artists from Europe and Mediterranean
• Paper presented at the 1st International Scientific and Ecological film Panorama on "The dissemination of science through the power of new media and digital technologies currently used by scientists around the world," September 2013
• TV spot for the Children's Ombudsman, which was developed in the course "Practical Film" by the Artistic School of Gerakas. 2013

• Participation in the cultural program "fugitive from the checkerboard" a journey into the magical world of stories by Eugene Trivizas highlighting the creative coexistence and interaction of the three directions of the art school, Visual Art, Theatre & Film, Dance. Gounaropoulos Museum, Saturday, November 30, 2013 and January 25, 2014
• Participation in cultural activities developed in the Ancient Agora, the heart of the Athenian democracy. The students of the Art School of Gerakas had the opportunity to experience the teaching procedure from a different point of view by creating Fine Arts and using Technology -Information - Communication Technology (ICT). Art should be leading and supporting the coupling of educational practice with cultural education, enhancing the expression, creativity and communication, promoting the 'individual' to 'collective' and the interaction of different scientific fields. Hourglass-Power Clock and creating videos on the "time"

• Participation in school-activity aimed to bind geosciences with arts education and ancient Greek culture. He contributed by creating directing and editing the film "A fairy tale about Eridanos: the river beneath our feet" which was screened in the area of the ancient Market on Saturday, May 3, 2014.
• Paper presented at the 3rd Film Conference 11-12 May 2007
• Member of the international jury of the Wildlife Vaasa Film Festival in Finland 2014



1996-2000 City of Athens Theatre Department Theatre Group's
2007-2011 City of New Psihico (MEO)
2009 Directed the play of Tennessee Willams "Talk to me like the Rain"
2009 "The Lesson" by Ionesco (Theatre Group “Rightnow”)
2009- 2010 Directed the play "I de gini na fovite ton antra" (yet the woman should fear man) by George Tzavelas, Theatre Group of New Psihico
2010-2011 DirectED the play " La locandiera ", "The Mistress of the Inn", by Carlo Goldoni, adapted by Marianna Kyriakaki Theatre Group MEO New Psihico
2011-2012 DirectED the play "The Accomplices" by the author Vasiliki Kappa on the central stage of Victoria Theatre in Athens.

He is currently in the middle of the Shootings for the following two films:

“On the edge”, feature film documentary 2014
“Falah Ghadi The international artist in front of the camera”



2014 Documentary "Take a trip ...." 30 min filmed in HD RED in England
Programmed Premiere in Moscow in November 2014,
Greek Premiere at Documentary Festival of Halkida 2014
Special installation screening at the painting exhibition «Take a trip to the
invisible cities" in Vaasa city library, Finland
2013 Feature Film Documentary "The Birth of an idea» 70 min HD WIDE
competitive section of the 7th Festival of Halkida October 2013
Screened at the Greek Cultural Center in Moscow 26. 05. 2014
2012 Documentary Film "Morphogenesis» 25min screened in the Competative
Section in the 6th Festival of Halkida, October 2012
Screened again in the Competative Section of the International Vaasa
Wildlife Film Festival in Finland in November 2012, (European
premiere) nominated in the category Best Artistic movie Won the
Screened at the Greek Cultural Center in Moscow 26.05.2014
2012 Direction, Photography and Editing at the documentary "The limits of Thought", Series of television documentaries. So far there have been completed five episodes (city people) everyday moments filmed from a point of view of Cinema du reel «Cinema of the Real."
2011 Documentary Feature Film "Between Two Homelands" 65min HD WIDE
- at the 5th International Documentary Festival 2011 of Chalkida Competative section
-at the Finnish Institute 10, November 24 and December 15
(Organization Finnish Embassy, Finnish Institute of Athens)
- At the Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki 11/12/2011
(Organisation Finnish Embassy, Thessaloniki’s International Film Festival
Cinema Museum of Thessaloniki, Finnish Association of Northern Greece),
- At Rethymno in Crete organized by the Finnish Association 31/3/2012
- At Parnu in Estonia 7/4/2012
- At the 14th Panorama of Independent Filmmakers 21/12/2012
- At the Film Club of Pefki in Athens Wednesday, January 15, 2014
- Screened by the Greek Cultural Center in Moscow04.28.2014

2011 Direction, Photography and Editing the «BLOW-UP» (Discussions with creators) (14 episodes HD Video 16: 9 WIDE, 3 Cameras, Kuinta ’s Production.
So far there have been completed and screened fourteen episodes in Greece
and Cyprus with creators such as: Dimitris Athanitis-director LuciaRikaki- director, Vassilis Mazomenos-director, Andreas Mitsou-novelist, George
Moraris-poet, Antony Livieratos-composer, Mania Papadimitriou-actress
Roberta Nitsos- video artist, Manthos Santorineos-visual artist etc.

2010 Medium Length Film Documentary “Art lovers”, HD wide 44min
- Screened (Premiere at the Worlds Music Day in the Finnish town of Vaasa), May 2010
-Screened at VAASA Film Festival 2010
-Screened at the 4th Documentary Festival of Chalkida
-Screened at the 5th Tzoumerka Art Festival 2011

2006 Feature Film Documentary “Let us flee, then, to the beloved Fatherland”
- Screened at the 8th International Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki
“Images of the 21st Century” Candidate for the State Awards of the Ministry of Culture
-Screened at ECOFILMS in Rhodes, November 2006
-Screened at the International Film festival of VAASA Finland 2006
-Screened at Festival Platform Zero 06 December Athens
-Screened in Czech Republic 2007-07-01
-Screened in India 2007
-Screened in Germany 2007
-Screened in the 5th Tzoumerka Art Festival 2011

2004 Documentary Film Feature “The excursion Ioannina” 95min HD wide
-Screened at the 7th International Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki
“Images of the 21st Century”
-Screened at the Competative Section of Ecocinema 2005 «People and
Candidate for the State Awards of the Ministry of Culture

2003 Documentary Film Feature
Endless your figure, duration 96'min HD wide
Best Documentary Award 2003 Greek Panorama of Independent artists in

1997-1998 Pond Without lilies, short film 16mm
-Screened at the 21st International Short Film Festival of Drama 1998
-Also screened at the 22nd Festival of Drama 1999 (Out of competition)

1998 Lost Sense, Short film super 16mm
Participation in the Festival of Film Direction (IKY)
supported by ERT TV Channel, duration 10min

1996 On Line, Short Film 16mm
Participation in competition at Munich Festival 1996
Participation in the competition at Hiroshima Festival 1997

1995 Sensations, Short Film 16mm
Screened at Lodz Festival, Poland
Screened at the the International festival of Valencia

1994 Documentary titled "Alejandra the street"
Experimental Festival England, London
Hiroshima Festival 1997 and honorary award for the editing
The film was produced in 1994 on 16 mm film and was reformed
much later on video that was sent to many festivals and won
impressions and some honorary awards. A short documentary with many
elements of a feature film. 16mm, 20 minutes.

1993 Night Asylum, Twenty Videos, 15 minutes each about Athens night, studying
the behavior of people from inside a moving car.
Screened on a Private TV Channel




Member Activities
10th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF December 9-15
8th Athens International Digital Film Festival (AIDFF)
8th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF
7th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF
18 landscapes by the internationally awarded Film Director Christos N. Karakasis
6th Athens Digital Cinema Festival AIDFF
Participations for the 5th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF
Premiere of the new film "180 degrees" in production of Christos N. Karakassis
Premiere at Athens and Thessaloniki for the film of Christos Karakasis
5th “Athens International Digital Film Festival”
Introduction to Cinematography by Ch. Karakasis
4th Athens International Digital Film Festival AIDFF
Take a trip by Christos Karakasis

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