Ancient Greece Revisited

Hello dear friends and not friends! I'm happy to announce you that our new online series will premiere this Sunday at 21:00 local time, on our YouTube channel, Ancient Greece Revisited!

Together with my friend Michael Michailidis who conceived this idea we will explore Ancient Greece in a way that will feel so familiar, but at the same time be equally fresh and will trigger new perceptions on what is already "known".

Ancient Greece Revisited comes to life with the first episode thanks to the efforts of friend and colleague Morris Gormezano, our cinematographer, old classmate Giannis Anagnostatos, our sound mixer and our lovely lady Penny Biniari who sets the mood with the soundtrack.

A new journey begins, through which we will explore ideals, Dionysian aspects of Greek culture, the true meaning of Eros, the original critique of Democracy and other aspects  of a great past ... or not so past.

Happy viewing and subscribe for the good stuff! ????


Συμμετέχοντα μέλη:
Adamantios Petritsis
Updated: 07-10-2019