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Conference: The Greek Police Series on Television (3/9/2014)

Updated: 18-07-2014 | More...

Tribute to the member of Script Writers Guild of Greece Petros Markaris

Updated: 29-06-2014 | More...

25 years of the Scriptwriters Guild of Greece

Updated: 21-03-2014 | More...

Cinema Sundays at the Cultural Stage of Kethea - Addiction Treatment Centre

Updated: 18-11-2013 | More...

Scriptwriters Guild of Greece event on Greek Drama

Updated: 21-12-2012 | More...

Screenplays Registration and New Year celebration

The Scriptwriters Guild of Greece has just announced the creation of the brand new "Screenplays Registration" department, at the guild's annual New Year celebration which took place at AGIRA publications. The Scriptwriters Guild of Greece, give now the opportunity to writers, to register their scripts at the renewed website of the guild.

Updated: 24-01-2011 | More...

During the World Cinema Alliance summit
SG of Greece in Krakow - Video: World Cinema Alliance - J. Bromski

The Scriptwriters' Guild of Greece participated in the summit of the World Cinema Alliance which took place in Krakow (September 11th to 13th 2008).

Updated: 26-09-2008 | More...

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