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SCRIPT WRITING & DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP (October 24th – 30th, 2004) – Sitges / Spain
PILOTS is currently accepting applications and assessing projects for its next workshop. Once more, well known specialists from Europe and the US, will apply the knowledge from their lecture to the specifics of each project:

Celebrated author and lecturer, Dr. LINDA SEGER, is one of the most famous script doctors in the world. Her clients have included Peter Jackson and many other famous film makers. She will be returning to PILOTS with a lecture on THE TRANSFORMATIONAL ARC during which she will analyze how characters change and transform in a well-written script, with particular reference to AS GOOD AS IT GETS.

SYBILLE KURZ (Germany), an expert on THE ART OF PITCHING, will show participants how to analyze, prepare and present the key elements of their projects. She will pay special attention to the issues of theme, emotional effect, personal motivation and approach in order to develop clearly focussed exploitation and distribution thoughts towards a relevant market and its audience.

Furthermore, the personal and individual resources and skills in presenting and communicating a project will be analysed, improved and integrated in the preparation of an efficient pitch.

CHRISTIAN ROUTH (Spain /UK) is PILOTS’ Head of Studies and will take a look at the DEVELOPMENT HELL. In his lecture he will analyze what is going well and what is not working in the current European audio-visual industry. Are too many films and programmes produced before they are ready? If so, why? Are subsidies a waste of taxpayers’ money? Do screen writers pine for the days of auterism? Are producers creative yet? Do decision makers have any idea about how to assess a script? These and other controversial issues will be discussed.

Deadline: October 2nd, 2004 is the official deadline. However, we recommend sending your application form and documents to be assessed as early as possible.

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8th – 9th JUNE 2004 – STOCKHOLM Mini-PILOTS
PILOTS, in collaboration with MEDIA Desk Sweden and Film Stockholm, organised this mini workshop at the Filmhuset. It consisted of a lecture by Christian Routh on industry topics such as stories, structure, characterisation, co-production, the global industry and market place, TV versus cinema, new drama formats, the impact of new technologies.

The lecture, attended by approx. 60 people, was followed by a practical exercise on how to write a scene conducted by Tony Macnabb, one of PILOTS’ tutors. After that, participants had individual work sessions with their assigned tutor.

This workshop was held in Sitges (Spain) with teams of participants (writers, script editors, producers) coming from Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal and Spain.

Projects included drama series and TV Movies; a lyric comedy; a police series; and a docudrama series.

During the week, teams attended the morning lectures given by specialists as well as intensive work sessions with their tutors to develop their projects further. They also had meetings with the visiting specialists who offered their expertise applied directly to each individual project.

PILOTS attended this seminar at the invitation of its director, Joan Álvarez, to present the talk THE CURRENT SCENE OF SCRIPT DEVELOPMENT PRACTICES IN EUROPE. This seminar was organised by FIA,

UIMP and FOCAL with the aim of improving trainers’ competences by launching a platform that will allow them to reflect on practices, to exchange methodologies & policies, and to create a network.

29TH – 30TH JUNE 2004 – PRAGUE Mini-PILOTS
Mini workshop jointly organised with MEDIA Desk Czech Republic and FAMU (Film and Television School of the Performing Arts). Drawing on the positive experience from the Stockholm Mini-PILOTS, another practical, script writing exercise was scheduled right after the lecture given by Christian Routh.

The feedback for this intensive workshop was positive as PILOTS’ experts could offer a European perspective on the projects. Participants expressed some frustration with the conservative, old-fashioned nature of the Czech state broadcasters and their attitude towards commissioning new formats and innovative drama.



September 30th – October 1st, 2004 (Estonia)
This Mini-PILOTS is jointly organized with MEDIA Desk Estonia in collaboration with MEDIA Desk Latvia.

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TEMPUS FUGIT, a TV Movie by scriptwriters Enric Folch & Albert Espinosa from MALLERICH FILMS (Spain), which participated at the PILOTS’ March 2002 workshop, keeps receiving awards. It has recently obtained the Best Screenplay Award granted by the Catalan Scriptwriters Association (GAC), it has been selected for the Fantasporto Festival (Portugal) & the International Festival of South Korea (PUCHON) and it has received the Gold Nymph Award for the Best Screenplay at the Monte Carlo Festival.

MAKING UP FAIRYLAND (PLAYING WITH CLOUDS AND TOYS) by Carmela Casado of Bac Media Producciones Audiovisual, which participated at the PILOTS’ October 2003 workshop, has been one of the three Spanish projects selected by NEW TALENTS MEDIA (07/2004). This multimedia project will receive 10.000 Euro to help its development.



A new edition of lectures given at PILOTS during 2003 on NEW FORMS OF STORY STRUCTURE

Still available, last year’s edition of lectures on TV MOVIES: A FASHIONABLE FORMAT


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