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Euroscript Screen Story Competition 2011

Deadline: Midnight 31st March 2011

Updated: 14-02-2011 | More...

6th International Animation Festival

Updated: 09-02-2011 | More...

Grants of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism for 2010

Updated: 04-02-2011 | More...

Cinema and Reality Festival

Updated: 03-02-2011 | More...

The decisions of the member board of the film center online

After a proposal by the elected members - representatives of associations, the Board of the Greek Film Centre has decided unanimously to publish all decisions referred to its website for full information of all Cinematography.

Updated: 22-09-2010 | More...

The new Board of the Cinema Center

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. Paul Geroulanou remains president of the Greek Cinema Centre George Papalios, a decision that opposes the Commission of all associations in the audiovisual area

Updated: 22-08-2010 | More...

Decision Cancellation of the Cinema Center for Postponement of the General Meeting

The Athens First Instance Court upheld the injunction against the Greek Film Centre, submitted by a member of the General Assembly. The court annulled the decision of the Administration to postpone a planned and compulsory by law meeting of June 30th for the forthcoming September 2010 and ordered the Administration GCC to convene an Annual General Meeting and elections on 26 of July.

Updated: 01-07-2010 | More...

Free Digitization of Television Projects

The SGG allows its members to transcribe past projects that are in Beta or VHS into digital video files, in order to keep them in time.

Updated: 01-06-2010 | More...

FSE: Annual report 2007 and policy paper

The annual report of FSE for the year 2007 has been published.

Updated: 14-02-2008 | More...

FSE logo
FSE News - November 2007

The recently published -November 2007- FSE newsletter is now available for download from The newsletter contains news and articles in english related to the FSE activities.

Updated: 14-11-2007 | More...

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