Psichogios Books - The French teacher - Dinos Yotis

It was the summer when twelve-year old Agis and his three best friends set out on their bicycles to discover a secret place, near the river, that they had heard whispers about. It was said that that was where Brigitte, the beautiful French teacher, would go to bathe in the nude. She would spend the summers up at the Vaios mansion, teaching the family’s son French. Agis’ encounter with the young French teacher will abruptly make him come of age and the dramatic events that will ensue that night will mark him for the rest of his life. Almost 50 years later, Agis will receive a package with an old, rusty gun inside, and that is when he will discover that the secret that he carried deep inside him his entire life was not one he carried alone. He has no other choice but to return to the place of his childhood and to tie up any and all loose ends he has with his past once and for all. A nostalgic journey far back into the years of innocence.

More information for this book available at: Νέο παράθυρο


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