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Sofia Coppola Screenplays (Download)

The screenplays in the address below are the only ones that are available online. (NOTE: For educational and research purposes only).
Updated: 13-02-2018 | More...

FSE Award: the video!

Updated: 23-01-2018 | More...

"Les exceptions et limitations en matière de droit d’auteur"

File entitled "Les exceptions et limitations en matière de droit d’auteur".

Updated: 07-07-2017 | More...

Netherlands Guild Report

The professional organisation for screenwriters, the Netwerk Scenarioschrijvers (Screenwriter Network), aims to promote the position of the screenwriter.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

Writers Guild Italia: Annual Report 2015-2016

In the last few years italian audiovisual industry was deeply impacted by the general crisis. Investments decreased dramatically. A huge percentage of screenwriters got unemployed, lots of them simply change their occupation.
In this environment, Writers Guild Italia tried at its best to obtain new opportunities for italian screenwriters. Our goal was – and is – to change the producers' and broadcasters' approach to the industry.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

France Media Production Trends

Presentation of Media Production Trends in France.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

Denmark Guild Report

The guild: The Danish Writers Guild represents about 350 members, which are all professional screenwriters, playwrights and translators. We are continuously experiencing a small increase in the number of members.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

ALMA: Spain media production trends

We have talked about this with our CMOs and they are getting money from the traditional broadcasters for online rights, but it is not a proportional amount based on visits and actual advertisement income, but an estimated bonus added to the traditional broadcasting remuneration rights. Streaming platforms are not paying yet.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

German Screenwriters' Guild: Report on production in Germany

Report on production in Germany

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

U.S. Media Production Trends - International Joint Meeting of Screenwriters’ Guilds October 19, 2016

Presentation of U.S. Media Production Trends at International Joint Meeting of Screenwriters’ Guilds October 19, 2016.

Updated: 21-10-2016 | More...

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