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To the FSE member guilds

Dear colleagues in Europe,

New FSE candidate member
The FSE executive committee met online on Thursday 21 October. Board members approved the application as candidate member of ASSA (Association of Slovak Screenwriters in Audiovision), the newly created guild of screenwriters in Slovakia. The guild was founded by Ivana Sujová, screenwriter and SAA Patron, with the active participation of other dedicated screenwriters, primarily working in the television industry. It has about 40 members. The guild does not yet have a website or social networks.
You can contact Ivana at
We are looking forward to meeting her at the FSE AGM 2023!

FSE AGM 2023, Brussels, 9 and 10 November 2023
We sent the invitation by email to all the “FSE representatives” (our contacts in the FSE member guilds) on 20 September.
If you have not yet received the invitation please contact Amélie Clément at
Don’t forget to register online the soonest possible via the registration link provided in the invitation!
If there are major changes of people in your guild (board, staff) don’t forget to inform us.

Next online meetings for FSE member guilds
In order to prepare the FSE annual meeting, we propose three online meetings to present some items in advance. Please note the dates in your calendar. We will try to limit the duration of the meetings to one hour each. Links to join the meetings will be sent a few days before.

Thursday 12 October at 10:00 Brussels time
Artificial Intelligence. Latest legal and legislative developments

Tuesday 17 October at 10:00 Brussels time
Presentation of the FSE new fee scheme (annual membership fees).
NB. The full members will vote at the FSE AGM

Monday 30 October at 10:00 Brussels time
Presentation of the revised statutes of FSE and new byelaws (internal rules).
We hope to be able to finalize the revision of the statutes before the AGM, for the full members to approve the changes.

You have probably not missed it: the WGA strike is over, WGA and AMPTP have reached a deal. You can find the details here:
We will propose another online meeting to present the agreement between WGA and AMPTP. We are seeking a closed date together with our contacts at the Writers Guild of America West and East. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, FSE executive officer David Kavanagh attended a meeting with Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director for Media Policy / DG CONNECT / European Commission in Brussels, about the transposition of Article 19 of the Copyright Directive, as well as a meeting with Dan Nechita, Head of Cabinet for MEP Dragoș Tudorache, co-rapporteur of the AI Act. He also spoke about AI at a meeting in Reykjavik upon an invitation from the Icelandic Composers Rights Society and is now attending the IAWG annual meeting in Montreal.

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