Federation of Screenwriters in Europe: A BRIEF NOTE ON THE AI ACT

The AI Act was unanimously approved by the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the member states (COREPER) on 2  nd  February 2023. The responsible committees of the European and the Parliament will vote on the 13  th  February and then the whole Parliament in plenary session  probably on 10 or 11 April.

The Act enters into force 21 days after it is published and then the various sectors impacted have period of time to adapt. The rules for Large Language Model Generative AI (under the heading of General Purpose AI – GPAI) will therefore come into full force approximately in mid-2025.

Until quite late in the process France, Italy and Germany were advocating for a lighter regulatory approach in opposition to the Parliament approach but first Italy, then Germany accepted the various compromises and finally even France supported the text. It is widely accepted that there is much more additional detailed work to do and the Act foresees approximately 20 secondary legislative acts, to address the many details of implementation. Then there will be the establishment of the AI Office and three other supervision and enforcement bodies as well as national regulators.

In other words, the formal passage of the Act into law marks the beginning of work on this issue rather than the end.

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