from the WGAW Officers

Dear Alexander: 
On behalf of the Writers Guild of America West, we thank you for your invaluable support during our 148-day strike. This labor action featured broad and deep solidarity from both our members and our allies, and the deal we won reflects that strength. From the very beginning, you announced your full support and stood side by side with us. 

This solidified our resolve and helped us take on some of the largest companies in the world. Through 148 days, we marched through extreme weather, on broken sidewalks, and under trees cut down to deny us shade. 
You marched with us, offered resources and support, and continually reiterated your solidarity to the public. Though the companies tried to divide us, they never could. 
We know that this has been an incredibly challenging time for your members and their solidarity and sacrifice will not be forgotten. We are creating a proud future in which members in each of  our Guilds and unions stand together now and for years to come. We will be there for you as you have been there for us. 

We thank you so much for your unwavering support. 
Union Now. Union Forever. 

In solidarity, 
Meredith Stiehm, President 
Michele Mulroney, Vice President 


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